Ashley Stegherr

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Journey started: February 2016

Hey guys, I'm Ashley! I'm a military wife to an Air Force husband and a mommy of two beautiful little girls. A lover of books, movies, baking, animals and Jesus. I've always slanted towards being a bit more holistically/naturally minded. When I was introduced to Young Living I thought, "yea, I know all about this oil stuff." Since I already had oils from other companies. But I was so wrong! (My mother-in-law bought me my first oil kit from a different essential oil company. I liked them! Until I tried and unbiasedly compared them to Young Living. Now Young Living is my JAM!) I originally got my premium starter kit to improve the wellness of my family and kick a few toxic products to the curb. A "few" products quickly turned into a LOT of products! (Chest rub, chapstick, laundry detergent, owie spray, healing salve, air freshener, immunity boosting, cleaning solutions, shampoo, conditioner, bladder support -say what?!?! - toothpaste, sleepy-time support! Just to name a few! 😉) As I have learned and become more educated, my life and my family's life has been forever changed for the better. And I flipping love every minute of it!