Carrie Cotten

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Journey started: December 2014

Hey ya'll!  My name is Carrie and I am a stay/work at home mom of 4 kiddos.  I work as a virtual assistant and also serve as the head household manager for my own little Cotten Patch.  When he's not completing his list of "honey do" items at home, my husband is a career and technology teacher at the high school in our tiny East Texas town.  Since we moved to East Texas we have been trying our hand at some gardening and chicken raising.  It's surprising how that actually led to my discovery of Essential oils!   We have been making the switch to healthier options and taking charge of our overall wellness for about 2 years now and WOW-what a difference!  We have been saving time AND money, which is key for our large family.  I am kind of nerdy and enjoy research - it's so amazing to me how God provided for His children through the centuries and continues to provide for our wellness and comfort still.  If you're at all thinking of making some positive changes for your family, let me tell you more of my story and together we can figure out what will work best for your family.