Chenara Kinsey

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Journey started: december 2016

Hi! I’m Chenara. My husband bought me a kit for Christmas this year. I had been wanting to try these oils since my officemate introduced them to me. I hadn't heard of essential oils until just last year, while I was pregnant with my only child. I happened to stumble upon them on Pinterest when I was looking for a Hospital Bag Checklist. I was convinced of their use by a blog of a mom who used essential oils during her labor. However, when I started to check the prices I was discouraged! Of course, at the time I didn’t know why they are priced as such and I didn’t do more research about it. But now that I know, I wish I had invested in these oils back then so my family and I could have been using them all this time. It was not hard for me to believe in their ability to heal naturally, I grew up in a family who believes in herbal medicine and have seen first hand what it can do. As a child, my mother would use coconut oil with herbs in it for my booboos and upset stomachs and many other things. It is simply amazing how these oils work with your body, and I am happy that they are a part of our daily lives now. My family’s health has no price tag. We love our oils and are glad to be in this oily lifestyle!