Crystal Windell

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Journey started: November 2016

Hey all, I am Crystal and I am so happy that you are looking into more ways to live a happier, healthier lifestyle for you and your family. I have known about Essential oils for years now, however, I only knew very limited information and honestly thought they were all one in the same and were for aromatic purposes only and that you just got them at the grocery store or what not. Wow. I was wrong. We live and we learn, am I right folks??? My dear friend Lisa introduced Young Living oils to me when we worked together and both of us led very stressful, oh-so demanding lives between the balancing act of work, commuting every day, husbands, children, friendships, domestic life responsibilities and finding time for ourselves (what is that?). The oils became an essential part of our everyday routine in the office. I didn't realize how much they really helped me until Lisa left us and she took her oils with her. Rude. It took me a couple months to finally purchase an enrollment kit for myself but once they arrived on my doorstep I was kicking myself for not getting them sooner! Everyday I learn about a new way that these little bottles of what I call M*A*G*I*C can be instrumental in my life, my families life, my child's life at home and at school and all of the people that I come into my life for one reason or another. It fulfills my heart to know that I can touch someone else life the way mine has been touched. Not only that, we love to get together as a circle of friends by putting ourselves FIRST once a month and exploring this oil journey together! And now they can become instrumental in your life, in so many ways. Trust me when I say you will be #mindblown.