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Journey started: november 2016

I first started my oily journey in December of 2016. I was having severe leg and foot pain and facing Gastric Bypass surgery. I had been in a wheelchair for 8 years. My friend told me about her oils and how well they helped her leg and foot pain so I decided to try them. I ordered a kit and also ordered DEEP RELIEF. My husband rubbed the Deep Relief on my legs and feet when it came and the pain stopped! I had not been pain free in months. That made a believer out of me. I love my oils and I hope to help other people who could really benefit from these oils too. I had my Gastric Bypass surgery on December 21 and I am now out of my wheelchair and down 64 lbs and doing great. I look forward to helping others learn about the benefits of these oils and I hope to help them enjoy them as much as I do.