Do you love free stuff?  I know I do! Young Living has set up an AMAZING program to help you collect #allthefreebies each month!  This program is called Essential Rewards or it is commonly referred to as just ER.  Essential Rewards is a program our members use like an autoship program.  Please do not run away kicking and screaming when you hear the dreaded word "autoship".  Hear me out for just a few more seconds.  Like so many of you I have gone on autoship programs and 1) they just collect my money 2) they are a pain to get out of without fees or actually allowing you to just cancel 3) it is stuff I really don't even want 4) autoship is stuck on a day and you cannot change it and THEN the money comes out of your account and you FREAK!  Raise your hand if this has happened to you. {Sheepishly raises hand--too many times to count} Let's explore Young Livings ER program and how it can get you freebies in your pocket and not be like those other times.

Young Living's autoship program like I said, it is amazing or like my oil sistas call it "monthly box of awesome."  Each month you place an order and pick what products go inside your Monthly Box of Awesome! The order does have to be at least 50pv each month but you can spend as much or as little as you wish.  On that order you receive 10% back in what is called reward points. So let's say I go in to the Virtual Office (vo) and place my essential rewards order.  If I place a 50pv order I'm receiving 5 essential rewards points back!  Just for placing an order I was going to place anyways-because let's face it, being healthy is a big deal.  Young Living has so many products you never run out of things to try or stock up on or replace!  It is a win win all around.  Let's dive further into the rewards and how you can get more free stuff!

 Let's watch Monique Mclean talk about Essential Rewards.

Just when THAT sounded AMAZING Young Living goes and makes ER even BETTER!!!! Check out the break down about the changes that took place September 1, 2016!!

Change 1. Continuous Time Enrolled and Percentage Changes.
Here’s a breakdown of the old percentages earned with ER and how long you had to be continuously enrolled to receive them.

1-6 months = 10%
7-12 months = 15%
12+ months = 20%

Those numbers were great, and many have racked up a lot of points with those percentages. But check this out…the new numbers and continuous enrollment times are EVEN BETTER. Like, far and away better. Look.

1-3 months = 10%
4-24 months = 20% (WHAT?!)
25+ months = 25%

Seriously. Only 3 months at the lowest percentage, and then after that you jump up to what used to be the highest percentage with the old ER program!! Wow. Then, if you’ve been continuously doing ER for over 2 years, you get bumped up to 25%! Guys. This is big. These points can be used to try new oils, make sure you never go without your staple oils, or try any full PV product that Young Living has to offer! This new structure benefits everyone involved, because those who were between 3-12 months of continuous ER enrollment automatically get bumped up to the 20% level. September 1st will be a good day.

2. Gifts

Here’s something new that Young Living is doing to show their appreciation to everyone for being part of Essential Rewards: they’re giving us gifts! At different milestones, Young Living will send you a gift just for being continuously enrolled in Essential Rewards. We don’t know what the gifts are (except for one, which I’ll get to), but knowing Young Living they’ll be pretty great. Here’s how the ER Gifts timetable works:

1. At 3, 6, and 9 months, Young Living will send you a gift (we don’t’ know what those gifts are yet).

2. At 12 months, Young Living will send you a SPECIAL gift…you’ll get a Loyalty oil blend that’s only available through this program to people loyal to Essential Rewards!

How great is that? Not only do we get higher percentages earned through this enhanced ER program, but we get gifts too! Who doesn’t love gifts? We’ll talk about how the timeline of these gifts work for existing Essential Rewards members in just a moment.

3. The “Grace Month” is Going Away.

With the roll out of the enhanced Essential Rewards program, one big change is that the grace month is going away. Up to this point, if you needed to skip one month in a calendar year, you had that option. But with the new user friendly percentage program that gets you to the higher percentage earnings quicker, the grace month is being taken away. So if you miss a month, you start back at the beginning, but remember, after 3 months, you’ll be back to earning 20%, which was the highest you could go in the old program AND it took 12 months to get there! So it’s not a major hit anymore to miss a month. But keep in mind, if you don’t skip a month, you’re further along the path to 25% and that Loyalty oil blend gift!

4. What All This Means for Existing Members.

One big question we all had when we heard about the Essential Rewards program changing was what that means for us existing members already enrolled in Essential Rewards. Do we still have the points we already earned? Will the number of months we’ve already been enrolled in Essential Rewards carry over, or do we go back to the beginning? Can we earn the gifts if we’re already past the months required? Never fear, we’re here to answer your questions.

Q: Do we still have the points we already earned?

A: Yes, all the points you’ve already earned will still be there. One of the new features Young Living added in a recent Virtual Office (VO) update is that they now show you exactly when and how many ER points will expire. If you don’t use your points, eventually they slowly start to expire. So be sure to check that out in the VO and don’t let any of those precious points expire? But when the enhanced ER program goes into effect, all the points you’ve earned will be safe and sound, still right there in your account.

Q: Will the number of months we’ve already been enrolled in

Essential Rewards carry over, or do we go back to the beginning?

A: Your months carry over. If you’ve been continuously enrolled in Essential Rewards for any amount of time, that time transfers over. So if you’ve been continuously enrolled for 10 months, you’ll start earning 20% as part of the new second tier of percentage earning. If you’ve been enrolled for 30 months, you’ll automatically start earning the highest tier of 25%. Your loyalty to the old program transfers over to the new.

Q: Can we earn the gifts if we’re already past the months required?

A: Yes! The loyalty gift program starts everyone at 0 months, so as
you continue your loyalty to the Essential Rewards program, you’ll get the gifts at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.

There it is, the new and improved Essential Rewards program.
Who’s excited about earning even MORE points and getting gifts? I love it.

Here’s a recap of what the new program entails:

1. New earning percentages and continuous enrollment time periods – 10% (1-3 months), 20% (4-24 months), and 25% (25+ months).

2. Grace month goes away.

3. You get a gift at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months, with the 12th month gift being a special Loyalty oil blend only available through ER!

4. Existing members have their current continuously enrolled months carry over into the new program, placing them in the new percentage brackets where applicable. PLUS, everyone starts at 0 months for the gift qualification, so everyone gets the gifts once they hit the 3, 6, 9, and 12-month milestones! Woohoo!