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Illia Ludwig

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Journey started: March 2016

Hi, I'm illia I'm a stay at he mom, my son's name is Daniel Brewer, he is 2 years old and is my everything! I love my family, friends and meeting all kinds of people and hearing there story of life. I love helping others, I love sharing my experiences and life story to give hope to those who are going through what I have been through. This oily journey has changed my life in so many ways! We have been getting toxins out of our house, getting into a healthier life style routine. It has given me purpose and accountability. It has given me a second FAMILY! The support of this community is above and beyond any company/group I have ever been apart of. They are motivating, inspiring, they fill me with hope, love, grace, and joy, and they make me laugh. We are on this journey together and I can't wait to share this amazing oily life with you!