Kaitlynn Maurice

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Journey started: february 2015

Hi, Friend! I'm Kaitlynn and I'm just your average stay-at-home mama of 2 who loves oils and all things Young Living! I started my family on our journey to wellness in February of 2015 but really dove in exactly one year later in February of 2016, and our family has fallen more and more in love with YL and their products every single day! I didn't start with Young Living for any specific health concern, I just knew I wanted the most natural way possible to keep my kids happy and healthy. I mean, how much more natural can you get than real plant oils!? What sold me and my husband on Young Living instead of any other oil company is their Seed to Seal guarantee. They follow the entire process, from planting the seeds to packaging and shipping the oils, to ensure every single bottle meets their extremely high quality standards. Check out seedtoseal.com for more info on that! We are also on the most amazing team of over 30,000 like minded men and women who support each other in all aspects of life and are the most encouraging and welcoming group you'll ever meet! This was another huge selling point for us. I have made so many great friends by doing this business and I want that for you too! The financial freedom ain't too shabby either๐Ÿ˜œ Take a peek at the 2016 income disclosure statement at youngliving.com/ids to see what your future could look like! We would love to have you do this crazy oily life with us, but if it just isn't your jam, that's cool too! Please, feel free to email me with any questions you may have, or to just say hi!๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ xoxo, KM