Kelsey Burns

member number: 10717162

Journey started: november 2016

Hello there! Welcome to the world of oils. I began my oily journey with Young Living in November of 2016 after researching companies and deciding to invest in my own wellness.  Once I started using oils I have not been able to put them down. One reason Young Living stood out to me was their Seed to Seal promise which is their 5 step process to ensure purity and safety with the oils we use. A few oils (I will not name all of them as that would take a while to read) I have fallen in love with as they have helped me with healthier alternatives to what used to be my toxin filled daily regimen are Deep Relief (Oh sweet relief), Joy (helps with those Monday blues), Lavender (oh sleepy time), Thieves (bugs be gone), and of course Lemon (my daily boost.) I continue to grow and learn more things that oils can add to my overall health while finding the oils that can support me while doing so. I welcome you to join the journey and finding alternative ways to support your overall wellness. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions!