Kristen Sennett

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Journey started: October 2016

I'm Kristen! I am the wife of a totally awesome guy, the mom of a sweet and mischievous one year old boy, and the step-mom of an incredible 13 year old girl. I work part time as a nanny. Life is busy and rambunctious and I wouldn't have it any other way! I got pulled (happily) into this oily life by my BFF. After seeing the benefits of these oils sprouting up in so many areas of her life, I knew I wanted in!! My family and I are loving all of this oily goodness!! I want to share my love of Young Living Essential Oils with everyone! To not only help my family live healthier, more balanced lives, but to spread it around to as many people as I can, is why I've started this business. I am so excited to share myself and my new-found love!