Ludmila Tyree

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Welcome! So happy to see that you are making a step towards a healthier life style for your family by choosing to buy the Young Living 100% pure Essential Oils! When i was first introduced to these oils, my main focus was to help my son. I have made him an Oil blend called "Focus" and have been applying it on his feet, neck and wrists for 2 month now. He has made a significant improvement with his symptoms and has gotten positive feedback from school on his behavior. Which is amazing for him!! Along with the oils for this blend , i bought a starter kit that included a beautiful diffuser with 11 Essential Oils , and bunch of samples. I have been diffusing my oils every single day for myself and the kids, to help us calm down, unwind and get a good night sleep, or to wake us up and uplift in the mornings. It has been life changing for my family and I am so in love with them! My goal is to replace all the toxic products in my house with the chemical free products made from these pure essential oils!