Melissa Egbert

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Journey started: October 2014

I'm a mom to 5 beautiful, adopted kids, a wife to a chiropractor, a lover of trying new recipes (to a fault), a homeschooler and a fanatic researcher when it comes to new things in my life. Oils fall into this category. I researched them (outside Young Living because I know they love their product) until my eyes were glazed over and I was ready to make Young Living a part of my life. The first thing I appreciated when I got my kit was Stress Away. It greatly helped me as I school my kids and manage the household while trying to keep myself afloat. It has become my lifesaver. After that first plunge, I've fallen more and more in love with this company. It's not just the oils (which I adore and have proven themselves worthy in my life over and over again) but it's also the way this company operates. They care about us, they want to help us, and not just financially but through healthy avenues which I really appreciate. I love being able to take care of my family and create a better life and atmosphere for them.