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Journey started: november 2016

I"m married to the love of my life. His career as a Fire Chief has allowed me do what I love- being at home full time to homeschool our 2 children, who are now in their teen years. Homeschooling led me to try fun projects with my kids like making my own laundry detergent. Since then, I started incorporating more DIY cleaning products. I started to learn more about the chemicals/toxins in candles from the internet. All at once, I purged every candle in my home! Sad to admit, but the main reason I started using essential oils was because I wanted to replace my candles with diffusers. After researching to find the best essential oil company I was sold on Young Living. The Seed to Seal promise that guarantee is like not other! Basically, they cultivate their own seeds, plant them on their own firms, weed them by hand, harvest, distill on site & package in house. My entire family loves and uses YL oils for everything from sleeping, calming, skin serums, mosquito bites, homework focus, immune support, hormone support, mood lifting, laundry and other cleaning products, you name it! I feel like a better mom because I really feel like I'm taking care of my family and without toxins or chemicals.