Reanna Goss

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Journey started: October 2016

Hi, welcome! I know what you're thinking. Is this for real? Do they really work? And how do I know this, you might ask... well let me explain. When I was younger, I was diagnosed with PTSD and also ODD, so I always struggled with my mind and keeping calm. And then everything changed in October of 2016. My family and I were at a children's event and a group of ladies who were in YL were vendors. I didn't know at the time what they had going in their diffuser, but all I knew was that I was actually calming down (and I am a person who is at 100% ALL THE TIME!). So naturally, I wanted to know what it was. That's when I joined this fabulous company. It has totally helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle. I even started making make-up products (concealer, under eye roll-ons, eyeliner, and even brush cleaner) with them. So I hope you become a part of our oily team, and don't be afraid to dip your toes in the water a little.