Stephanie solis

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Journey started: november 2014

Hi lovely people!! My name is Stephanie Solis and I have been on this oily journey since 2014. My friend would post about how they were helping for her babies and it was then when I got interested. Heck! I'd take her advice anyday when it came to my both my babies... she helped me deliver them both - 11 months apart! How cool is that?! It was at that point I knew that she was put in my path for this reason and this was it. I decided to dig deeper one day for my boys sake and since then this journey has been the best one thus far. My family has incorporated them into our daily lives and we are healthier inside and out, I am more knowledgeable about what we use daily in our home, and have eliminated unnecessary toxic chemicals because of it. My kids' immune systems have been boosted and so has mine, my husband loves what they do for our family and my distant family always reminds me to bring my "magic bottles" (as they call them) every time we visit and that's saying a whole lot. I can't imagine not having Young Living essential oils in our life and it has definitely been life-changing for us and if you give it a shot I am positive it will be for you as well. Take the plunge, you wont regret it!