Tiara Walz

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Journey started: november 2016

Hi, lovelies! I am an Active Duty Army Captain stationed in Fort Carson, Colorado (Colorado Springs)! I am a Healthcare Administrator/Executive and my day job is both challenging + rewarding. I have a passion for mentoring other officers, our nation's Veterans, and everything health + wellness! My journey has brought me to Young Living Essential Oils and they have changed my life. My oily journey has helped me to get even more chemicals out of my home, sleep better, meditate better, and really just FEEL BETTER- mentally, emotionally, and physically. I want to share them with the world because I firmly believe that EVERYONE needs oils in their home. And YLEOs are just the best, hands down. In my spare time, I love running, traveling the world, yoga, triathlons, hiking, cooking, playing board games with friends, and spending time with my boyfriend, Tom. I hope you'll take a chance with oils- I promise you, you will probably fall in love too. Go for it!