Vicki Mardon

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Journey started: february 2017

Hello let me introduce myself, my name is Vicki Mardon. I'm a wife, mother and grandmother. I am very blessed to live only a few blocks from my beautiful children. My husband Tom and I have embarked on this wonderful journey together. I love meeting new people, making connections and lasting friendships. I am a very creative person and I have another business selling my personalized creations that will be a great addition to my YL business. In researching Young Living I found this companies integrity to be at its highest. It has a great compensation plan and how it rewards its members for their loyalty. I love getting things for free, who doesn't? This company has great incentives and rewards that allow me to enjoy free oils. I first heard of these amazing oils about 11 years ago. My daughter was working for a dentist who with all his heart and soul believed in the amazing effects and results that these essential oils had on the human body from his own personal experiences. This caught my attention as well as hearing others stories of how they chose to use these oils in their everyday lives. I chose to jump in and begin enjoying these benefits and ordered my first kit. I could not wait to start sharing the benefits of using natural products with my friends. I have always been into or searching for natural herbs and their healing effects and have finally found what I have been searching for all my life. Many years ago, I became a massage therapist and was drawn to it by researching reflexology. The effects of pressure points on your hands and feet and how they affect every part of our bodies. These oils along with reflexology together will assist people in feeling the improvement in their lives. This is a great company with great products that are changing lives. It has been exciting watching how amazed my friends and family are after trying these wonderful oils. I love Young Living and feel it's changing me one day at a time. What are you looking for in your life? You've come this far, your reading this, why not dig a little deeper and see just what Young Living can do for you and your family.